Our Services



Speaker Services:

  • Webinars (closed group events)
  • Public (Live) Events
  • Charity/Volunteer Events
  • Private (Customized) Events
  • Corporate
    • Team Building
    • Employee Empowerment
  • Wellness
    • Education
    • Empowerment – kids, youth, adults, women
    • Personal Development – Life purpose, happiness, relationships, success!
  • Tools and Materials for continued improvement


Coaching Services:


  • Only for a small, focused group of TRULY COMMITTED individuals.
  • $3599.996-Month package (only $600 per month)
  • $5999.991-Year package (only $500 per month)
    • Intense One 1-hour session per week focused on you 100%.
    • Support to keep you on track each day.
  • $179.99 per session – The Maintenance Phase, but only after you have completed at least the 6-month package.
  • Sessions by Phone or Skype – be anywhere and still be on track.


Your Benefits:

  • Tremendous Focus and Motivation.
  • Incredible Self-Confidence.
  • Efficient Time Management.
  • Successful Relationships and Enhanced Romance.
  • Enhanced Work-Life balance.
  • Increased Financial Success.
  • Exceptional Professional Success.
  • Your personal GPS to success.
  • Dedicated to being in your corner ALWAYS!

Our 30-day Unconditional Happiness Guarantee:
That means if you don’t absolutely love the work we’re doing and you don’t see it’s going to help you get the results faster than anything else you could be doing, then not only do you not have to continue, but you can have a full refund of every penny you paid!